Avan and matt

Avatt is the real life pairing of Avan Jogia and Matt Bennett (Av/an and M/att). It can also be called Mavan (Ma/tt and A/van). Matt and Avan are close friends in real life. Avatt has nothing to do with Reck although some fans might think so.

Avatt MomentsEdit

  • In an interview Avan has confirmed that Matt lived with him for a year.
  • In the same interview, Avan jokes that he and Matt "broke up".
  • On Twitter Avan tweeted people to vote for Matt for the UK KCA 2011.
  • Both Matt and Avan have appeared in the "Straight But Not Narrow" group.
  • In one of Ariana's Youtube videos (osnapitzari's 'a fun little video we made) they are having a no laughing contest and when Avan makes Matt laugh, he pushes him over and smacks his leg.
  • On Avan's formspring, when a follower asked how old Matt is, he responds "old enough. booyah!"
  • Avan likes to joke on formspring that Matt is 46 instead of 19, and Matt does nothing to dissuade him.
  • On the set of iCarly while filming iParty with Victorious, when Miranda hugs Matt and Avan, Matt reaches over and hugs Avan.
  • At the KCA 2011, they were sitting together, along with Liz and Ariana.
  • Both are huge fans of Tokyo Police Club.
  • Matt posted on Twitter: "Avan Jogia secret #1: he loves tea and hugs".
  • In an interview with Popstar, Elizabeth Gillies (Jade) mentioned that once when she was out she saw Matt and Avan shopping together.
  • One of the background actresses said on her Tumblr that on the set of Victorious, Matt was making the funniest jokes ever, and that they were about Avan's "package".
  • Avan and Matt hosted together about Nick UK when the cast went to Europe.
  • In the UK Nickelodeon Christmas commercial, when Avan says that he doesn't have a lot of friends, Matt disagrees and gives Avan a hug.
  • Matt tried to pull down Avan's pants, but failed because they were tight on him. Avan only gave him a glance for that, and possibly didn't mind.
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