Damian tori
is the pairing of Damien and Tori (D/amien and T/ori). It is unknown if they will ever interact again, as Damien has only made one appearance on the show so far.

Season 1 Moments

A Film by Dale Squires

  • When Cat points out Damien doesn't like excitement, he turns and looks at Tori.
  • In the beginning of the class, Tori is sitting next to Damien.
  • Tori is freaked out by him and scoots her chair away from Damien.
  • When Dale says he's going to direct Johnny Depp's new movie, Damien says it excites him and Tori, along with everyone else, scoots her chair away again.
  • Damien tries to touch Tori's cheek. Tori doesn't seem to like this.


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