is the pairing of Jade and Daniel (J/ade and D/aniel). It can also be known as Janny (J/ade and D/anny). It is unknown if they will ever interact again, as Danny has only made one appearance on the show so far.

Season 1 MomentsEdit

Cat's New BoyfriendEdit

  • Jade wants to know who Tori was talking to, who was Danny.
  • Jade asks Danny why he was talking to Tori.
  • Jade wants to know why Danny dumped Tori, not knowing that Tori actually dumped him.
  • Jade asked Danny how he celebrated when Tori broke up with him.
  • Jade wants to tell Cat about Daniel.
  • Jade said that Daniel said that Cat's brownies are really good.
  • Whenever Tori got bummed about seeing Daniel, Jade would grin widely.
  • Jade wants to know if Daniel ever spun Tori like how he was spinning Cat.
  • Jade wants to know why Tori sprayed hot cheese all over Danny with a smug smile on her face.