Laniella is the real-life pairing of Leon Thomas III and Daniella Monet (L/eon Thomas III and D/aniella Monet). Laniella has nothing to do with Trandré, but some fans might think so.
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  • Leon and Daniella tweet to each other often
  • When Leon was describing the cast, he said, "Daniella. Prepared. She is honestly always prepared with gum, with her lines, with just the world. She's like the set mom, she's so great, she keeps us all together man!"
  • Daniella tweeted "Back in LA. Wow---What a trip! So many good times, great times, and 5am bedtimes... Miss you a stupid amount @boogie106 & @Leonthomas3!"
  • Daniella tweeted "Happy birthday to one of the coolest, nicest, and most talented guy I know @Leonthomas3! Hope this week tops the last. Nuff said. XOXOXO."
  • When Leon tweeted that he was on the plane home to LA, Daniella commented "@Leonthomas3 yay! LA misses you and I've had separation anxiety!"
  • Leon tweeted "Doing some promo work with @DaniellaMonet !!!! This trip has been amazing : )"
  • Daniella tweeted "Watching August Rush! I am such a @Leonthomas3 fan!!!"
  • Daniella tweeted "@Leonthomas3 congrats!!!" when Leon got his license.
  • Leon answered on Victorious' official Twitter that Daniella was the funniest person in the cast.
  • In this Video Leon and Daniella are doing an interview with The Big Help.
  • Leon tweeted "Happy birthday @DaniellaMonet !!!!!!! I hope you have a great one !!!!”