"Man, those jeans fit you great!"

- Robbie talking to Beck in A Film by Dale Squires.

Reck (R/obbie and Beck) is the pairing of Robbie Shapiro and Beck Oliver on Victorious. Some people may call it Rock (Ro/bbie and Be/ck) instead. Robbie and Beck are good friends. Robbie often turns to Beck to help him out, and Beck helps when he can. Robbie also looks up to Beck's level of "attractiveness." Unlike some of the other characters, Beck is nicer towards Robbie, and they have mutual respect. Robbie doesn't feel uncomfortable around Beck, like he would around everyone else. Robbie seems to have a lot of respect to Beck and sometimes want to act like him.

See Avatt for the real-life pairing of Avan Jogia and Matt Bennett.


Shipped Characters:

Robbie Shapiro and Beck Oliver


Good Friends

Ship Rivals:

Bade Cabbie Tribbie Rodré Bori Bat Bendré Rade Rebbie Brina Rinjin