Risty is the pairing of Robbie and Christy VicHarris (R/obbie and Chr/isty). Christy used to bully Robbie when he was little. They reunite in A Christmas Tori. It is unknown if Christy will ever reappear on the show.

Season 3 Moments

A Christmas Tori

  • It is revealed that Christy used to bully Robbie all the time.
  • Robbie had always wanted a chance to tell Christy off.
  • Christy agreed to come with Beck to let Robbie tell her off.
  • Robbie initially thinks Beck bought Christy for him.
  • Robbie overlooks her past and chooses not to tell her off because she's hot now.
  • Robbie and Christy go off to a coffee shop together.
  • Robbie and Christy hold hands, but they let go when Christy says that Robbie's hand is sweaty.
  • Robbie puts his hand on Christy's back instead, rubbing his sweat off.