Rori is the pairing of Tori Vega and Robbie Shapiro (R/obbie and T/ori). They first met in the "Pilot" episode of Victorious. Another ship name is Tobbie (T/ori and R/obbie), although that term is barely used. Rori has loyal shippers. Tori and Robbie are good friends, and Robbie seems to have a crush on Tori. Some fans believe when Rex makes comments about Tori, it was Robbie's excuse to flirt with Tori without getting in trouble, suggesting that Rex and Robbie aren't seperate people after all. See Vatt for the real life pairing of the Victorious characters' actors, Matt Bennett and Victoria Justice.

Rori kiss

Shipped Characters:

Robbie Shapiro and Tori Vega

Length of Relationship:



Good Friends/Friends

Start of Relationship:


Ship Rivals: Bori, Tandré, Jori, Reck