Fanfiction Contest!

We are starting our fanfiction contest now!

Prompt: trip to Venice Beach during spring vacation


  • Must be a one-shot (no multi-chapter stories)
  • Must be under 1000 words. If you go over a tiny bit, it won't count against you. There is no minimum, but keep in mind that trying to make a story too short can prevent good plot and character development
  • Should comply with the above prompt
  • Can be about any pairing but doesn't have to center on one pairing
  • Keep it rated K (no mature content that would normally be disallowed on the Victorious Wiki)

To enter, message me on my message wall telling me so. Then to submit your fanfiction, you can either:

  • Make a blog on this wiki and link me the URL
  • Post a story on and link me the URL
  • OR if you want to keep it more anonymous, send it to my talk page on any wiki, not on a wiki with message walls. Even if I haven't contributed to that wiki, I'll be notified of it.

Rules for Judging:

  • Judging will be based on the development of the plot, how in character the characters are presented, and how well it fits the prompt and rules
  • Judges can NOT show any bias in terms of choosing a story that favors their favorite ship or giving a better score to their friends
  • Judges may enter the contest, but they obviously cannot judge their own submission
  • Judges may not leak out any opinions about the submissions until all the judges have judges all the submissions and the winners are announced

Our judges:

We currently have enough judges, but if you really want to judge, ask an existing judge if he/she'd be willing to let you judge instead.

UPDATE: Deadline for the submissions is May 28th! Message me or comment below if you need an extension.

Hope you all decide to submit! It'll be fun! The winner(s) will receive a reward to be announced.

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