Who Ships What2!

This is not just any regular blog - it's a follow up blog to LaCupcakeSpaz's (Design a Background Contest Winner, Rollback on the Wiki) Who Ships What Blog! Please post what you ship below! Is it Bade, Bori, Bat, Jori, Cade, Rori, Tandré or Reck? I don't care, just tell below! This helps us know Who Ships What?


Bori: MegaBoriShipper4 (OTP), Crazy101Wiki, Cc71, Borifan96, ParcyDriancfan778, IamJaylo (FRIENDS)

Jandré: MegaBoriShipper4

Cabbie: Cc71, MegaBoriShipper4, Borifan96, IamJaylo

Bade: Cc71, IamJaylo (OTP), BadeForever, Borifan96

Jori: Cc71, IamJaylo

Candré: Cc71

Rori: Crazy101Wiki (OTP), Cc71, Borifan96

Tribbie: Cc71

Trinjin: Cc71

Reck: Crazy101Wiki, LaCupcakeSpaz

Catorade: LaCupcakeSpaz

Bat: K R 17, IamJaylo

Cade: K R 17, IamJaylo

Joffee: Crazy101Wiki, LaCupcakeSpaz

Tandré: IamJaylo

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